Last Days in WA

Tomorrow Jenni and I leave Perth to drive on our longest single trek yet. 4,500 kilometres all the way across the country, west coast to east coast, back to Brisbane where we started our Vagabonding journey eighteen months ago. It will take us about two weeks. It will be a blog worthy journey all of its own, maybe more than one. For that reason I am submitting this very short blog with a few pics and some tales of our last days in WA.

Perth to Brisbane


The last couple of days was very busy with work but on Saturday we had a day off for a long relaxing walk along the beach. The sun was shining and the surfers were out in huge numbers. Maybe more numbers than there were waves to accommodate them.

A lot of surfers

Some of them managed to catch a wave or two.

While Jenni did some of this I went off to take a few pictures
Smith’s Beach

We discovered birds like to stand on one leg here. To prove it here are a couple of examples.

One legged seagull
One legged magpie

Fittingly we spent our last night in Yallingup in the pub. We watched the accomplished guitarist John Read do three great sets in the Caves House Hotel. He did everything from Jethro Tull, through Cat Stevens to CeeLo Green.

John Read

It was the perfect way to end a perfect week camping in the perfect spot near a perfect beach.


We had booked a lovely Airbnb in South Fremantle to spend our last week in WA. We had a mountain of work to get through on our last week and needed somewhere comfortable to be able to work to get through it. The Airbnb came with a couple of lovely dogs next door that came to visit a few times.

Our Airbnb is very near my favourite brewery, Little Creatures. Of course we visited it.

Little Creatures Brewery
Little Creatures Brewery

One of the challenges of our Vagabonding life is getting enough exercise and keeping ourselves fit. Every day we try and get out for an hour and go explore our surroundings. One thing we discovered around here was their love of, very excellent, murals.

Impressive mural on the side of a toilet block
Close up
The detail is amazing

Fremantle Jail

One of the best experiences we have had on our time in Fremantle has been the Fremantle Jail night time torch lit tour, accompanied and organised by Amanda, Jenni’s sister who lives in here. In Fremantle that is, not the jail. Thanks for the scary but informative and very entertaining experience Amanda!

Fremantle Jail
Entering the Jail
Opening the proceedings the guide told about the harsh conditions and the high number of suicides in the jails history. This was taken just before someone threw a fake dead body from the floors above into the middle of our group while screaming at us as it fell. Boy did we laugh!
A bit of Shades of Grey role play appeared
Creepy Jail Cells
The long drop. 44 people were executed here.
Prisoner Art

Earlier in the tour the guide told us of a female inmate who killed her 3 step children by pouring acid down their throats. At the darkest part of the tour this apparition appeared suddenly out of one of the cells. It was the same woman….

This girl gave an emotional performance as the woman murderer before disappearing back into the depths of the jail

The Fremantle Jail visit was excellent, even if I will never sleep again. If you are ever over here it’s definitely worth a trip, day or night. But next time Amanda, maybe something without so much screaming would be good.

Sunset walks

On our initial drive into Fremantle Jenni and I saw this interesting building. It was only 3 or 4 kms away from our Airbnb along the beach so we decided to walk to it one day.

I was hoping to get closer so I could get a few pictures but it was fenced off.

Also, this happened.

Neeeeaaaarrr Farrrrr, wherever you areeeee!!
This happened too when we stopped at the South Beach Hotel on the way back
South Beach Hotel Bar

As a farewell gift on our walk along the beach on our last day in Fremantle we (and everyone else) were gifted with a pretty nice sunset.

Fremantle Boat Yard
Fremantle Boat Yard
Yachting in the sunset

So, as the sun sets over the sea on the west coast of this amazing continent for us for the last time in a while, we set off for the east coast, 4,500 kilometres drive away, to catch a few sun rises over the sea. I’m sure there will be plenty to blog about along the way.

Till next time.

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