The Plan

It was a 3 question process,

  1. “Fancy travelling around Australia?” Yes.
  2. “Could we do it?” Maybe, probably.
  3. “How can we do it?” Lets work that out.

“We’re doing it!”

The date as I write this is early December 2017. In a few months we’re going to begin our travels around Australia. We will be working as we go to enable us to travel indefinitely. That’s the plan. As far as where we go is concerned, we have an idea, at least for the start, and some mandatory locations but in the main the itinerary is, shall we say, rough. Some events are fixed in the calendar but mostly the calendar is empty and the plans vague

February Leave Brisbane for Melbourne via Sydney, hugging the coast on the way down.

March in Tasmania again, taking in Panama festival.

April, maybe Adelaide and after that who knows.


Before a tour like this can happen there is a plan, before the plan came the decision to go, before the decision came the spark, before the spark came the many threads and experiences and conversations that merged and morphed and congealed into an idea that a tour like this was possible.  This is a short piece about those. I am sure there are many more but these are some. If you clicked here thinking you’d find out more “About Us’ then apologies, As this blog currently only goes to our friends I am assuming you already know a little about us.

Ballandean Views3

Ballandean April 2016 – A glorious weekend full of new sights and experiences. The accommodation was placed on the top of a mountain and provided some spectacular views in the morning and evening. The serendipitous find of a great restaurant. Great wine and food, forests to explore and best of all amazing company. Highly recommend the Granite Belt in Queensland as a place to explore. Travel, especially without a detailed itinerary, is fun and exciting.

Woodford 2

Woodford 2016 – My first Woodford but not for seasoned Woodford alumni Jenni. We stayed a week in a “glamping” tent in baking heat. Showers and toilets miles away. Dust and noise and people everywhere. Absolutely loved it. Going back this year again. Learned some great lessons on living in a tent for a longer time and just how much fun festivals can be.


Coolum Beach 2017 – After the “Glamping” in Woodford camping in our own tent in Coolum Beach also proved to be  a delight and provided the understanding that “have tent will travel” could actually enable this adventure to go anywhere.


Ballandean (again) April 2017 – This time with friends and family. An experience shared is an experience enriched. Our travels will ensure we take in all opportunities to involve friends and family.


Tasmania March 2017 – Panama festival was the driver to go to Tasmania but Tasmania itself fanned the already lit flame for a desire for more travel and adventure and to visit more of this wonderful country. It also inspired me to try more often to try and capture this beautiful country in pictures.


UK Tour November 2017 – We proved we could work from anywhere and also proved we could travel and explore while working.

Other enablers

fern tree gully

Airbnb – we use it to book most of our accommodation on our travels and have had some very memorable experiences. This is a tiny Eco-House we stayed in in Fern Tree Gully in Tasmania.


Housesitting – tried out sitting pets for strangers while they go on a break. Free accommodation for some little chores around their property. Works a treat and could help with the accommodation expenses during our travels while simultaneously providing new experiences and meeting new people. (The dog is called Baxter and he was lovely)