Walligans Travels – It’s started, we’re on our way

This is a very short blog to provide an update on our travels so far. It’s only been less than a week, we left Monday 7th Feb, and so much has happened already.

We’ve made it to our first stop in Minnie Water in NSW, which is beautiful and very, very quiet. It’s so unspoiled I almost hesitate to let anyone know it’s there in case it becomes overrun with people.

Minnie Water, NSW

There’ll be a lot more details on the trip in my first proper Blog update in a few days but I felt I should just mark the first stop with a quick update like this.


We’ve been working and exploring and finding amazing new things along the shores and on the beach, which has been our plan all along, and it’s working out better than expected. It really is great fun and the work is very enjoyable, especially in these amazing surroundings.

Dolphins came to visit us

We even saw some dolphins close to shore one morning but I had the wrong lens on my camera to get a close up so this is the best I’ve got.

Anyway, end of quick update. Watch out for the next blog on Sunday where I’ll do a much more comprehensive update.




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