Walligan’s Travels – Current Intinerary

Walligan’s Travels Itinerary (so far)

Well, we’re on our way very soon. In 7 days or so we will leave Brisbane on our big adventure. Current plans see us stopping at the following locations. Time, dates and stopping points may change at a moments notice. We’ll keep the posts coming as we make our way around.



  • Newcastle for 2 days
  • Sydney for about 7 or 8 days
  • Albury / Wadonga for 2 days
  • Bendigo for 2-4 days


  • Melbourne for 2-4 days
  • Tasmania for almost the whole month


  • Adelaide for almost the whole month

May – June

  • Across the Nullabor to Perth and Western Australia

July – August

  • Making our way back from WA to QLD to spend most of August in Brisbane



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