Walligans Travels

Before The Beginning


Jenni and I, also occasionally referred to as ‘The Walligans’, are both fond of travelling and have had quite a few big adventures and some short but memorable trips, mostly around Australia but also to the UK. This blog site is about some of our previous excursions but mostly it is about the planning and preparation for what we have been, incorrectly and inappropriately, calling ‘Vagabonding’ (see disclaimer at the foot of this post). Sorry Rolf Potts.

My intention is to keep friends and family updated as we travel. To practice I will start by covering some of our previous trips. I’d also like to share our preparations, vision, philosophy, learnings and observations.

About Us

Jim and Jenni

This is us. Jim and Jenni. Collectively, sometimes but not very often, by a few people but not many, known as the Walligans.

Jenni – Passionate about sustainability all things related. Originally from Brisbane then via New York and lots of other places and back to Brisbane.  Amazing cook. Enjoys life, travel, dancing, reading and the love of friends and family.

Jim – Farm boy from Northern Ireland. Likes photography, cycling (downhill), travel, adventure and writing stuff down hence, (I also like using ‘hence’) this blog.


Rolf Potts wrote the definitive book describing his philosophy called Vagabonding and containing a comprehensive list of resources to enable a semi-permanent or permanent travelling adventure on a budget. It was a catalyst and an enabler for us deciding to go on our tour and also help plan for it.


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